Lessons learnt from e-Amanar online teacher training though WhatsApp for Sahrawi Refugee teachers

Low-Tech Astronomy Education
3rd Shaw-IAU Workshop
Tuesday Oct. 12, 2021
UTC: 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
, Friday Oct. 15, 2021
UTC: 6 a.m.-7:30 a.m.

The e-Amanar pilot provided follow-up capacity building for teachers involved in the 2019 Amanar project at the Sahrawi Refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria, through their phones via WhatsApp that is efficient to slow internet connection environments. e-Amanar responded to challenges raised by the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 such as the closure of non-essential humanitarian actions at the camps affecting teachers' continuous education. By providing mobile internet data to 17 teachers we organised a 4-month training using audios, texts and slide images to foster discussion about the universe. The pilot resulted in a very successful asset for the continuous connection with teachers and thus supporting Amanar's long-term goals. In the talk, we will present the pilot's outcomes and lessons learnt.

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