The IAU Office of Astronomy for Education is the International Astronomical Union’s office dedicated to astronomy for primary and secondary education.

OAE Objectives

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Professionalize astronomy education

Help astronomers, astronomy educators and teachers world-wide to gain the skills they need in order to communicate about astronomy in primary and secondary schools in a professional and effective manner.

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Provide access to good resources

Make available excellent and effective resources for teaching about astronomical topics, internationally, under open licenses, and easy-to-find.

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Promote astronomy in curricula

Support efforts to include more astronomy in national or regional curricula.

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OAE Networking

Create, maintain and grow a network of associates in support of the OAE mission.

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Spread the news

Inform all relevant stakeholders and communities about OAE activities, and about ways of collaborating with us.

Collaborate with us

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Latest OAE News

Big Ideas in Astronomy 2.0 Released Online Thumbnail

Big Ideas in Astronomy 2.0 Released Online

What does it mean when we say someone has a solid basic knowledge of astronomy? This is the question that inspired the project Big Ideas in Astronomy: A Proposed Definition of Astronomy literacy. A new version of Big Ideas in Astronomy is now available, including translations into six languages.

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IAU Astronomy Education Gets Boost with the Foundation of the OAE Center Cyprus and OAE Node Nepal Thumbnail

IAU Astronomy Education Gets Boost with the Foundation of the OAE Center Cyprus and OAE Node Nepal

The OAE's global network expands to include a new OAE Center in Cyprus and an OAE Node in Nepal

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