From the IAU Office of Astronomy for Education.
BIg Ideas v2 cover illustration
Big Ideas in Astronomy 2.0 Released Online

What does it mean when we say someone has a solid basic knowledge of astronomy? This is the question that inspired the project Big Ideas in Astronomy: A Proposed Definition of Astronomy literacy. A new version of Big Ideas in Astronomy is now available, including translations into six languages.

Logos of OAE Center Cyprus & OAE Node Nepal
IAU Astronomy Education Gets Boost with the Foundation of the OAE Center Cyprus and OAE Node Nepal

The OAE's global network expands to include a new OAE Center in Cyprus and an OAE Node in Nepal

Multicolored aurora in Iceland, by Marco Migliardi on behalf of Associazione Astronomica Cortina, Italy
Winners of the IAU OAE Astrophotography Contest Announced

30 New Free Images and Videos Released to the Community

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IAU Offices Family Meeting

The IAU OAE hosts a global meeting linking the IAU's four offices and their national and regional coordinators.

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