The OAE Review on
Astronomy Across Disciplines And Borders


The resources listed under the review topic "Astronomy across disciplines and borders" address the central point of how astronomy, and science in general, relates to other basic activities of the human mind. This reflects the peculiarity of astronomy itself: every primitive culture, every society, whatever it is, wherever it is, developed a relationship of some kind with the day and night sky. Astronomy is "a necessary monster" (to quote the famous Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges), so we find it in every distinct place and time. In fact, Astronomy is a basic human activity, like the art of sharing stories and information ("storytelling" is not a technique as it is - sadly - often regarded: it is a fundamental and pristine form of knowledge). The collection herein explores fruitful methods to create connections between astronomy and both art and other STEM disciplines: what are the best ways to promote a deep, creative and fruitful dialogue between astrophysicists and artists? How can we start from Big Ideas in Astronomy to draw a network of interactions among STEM disciplines? Can astronomy give a relevant contribution to promote critical thinking as a basic competence in a democratic and innovative society? What is the role of storytelling in this process? A deep and honest dialogue and a mutual respect between professionals, cultures, point of views is the first step to get a good result.

Mini-review document

This review was the topic of a session at the 3rd Shaw-IAU Workshop. The proceedings from this session have been adapted into a mini-review (PDF file 9.99 MB) .