The OAE Review on
Astronomy Education Research 101


Astronomy Education Research (AER) as a discipline-based researched field is rich, layered and multi-dimensional, drawing on a range of fields and subfields, which includes but is not limited to education, cognitive science, psychometrics, astronomy (and its cognate disciplines) for content knowledge, and various others. The AER 101 review is aimed at providing an overview of some key aspects of AER, each of these can be unpacked and explored in much more depth. Given this aim, the resources include an overview of Quantitative Methods in Astronomy Education Research, Qualitative Methods in Astronomy Education Research using projects to highlight the characteristics of qualitative research, complexities involved when conducting research with schools and teachers, the three types of teachers based on their engagement (learners, vacationers, and prisoners), the importance of ethics when conducting research, and how researchers need to make this their top priority (cardinal principle), and the avenues for publishing when it comes to AER.

Mini-review document

This review was the topic of a session at the 3rd Shaw-IAU Workshop. The proceedings from this session have been adapted into a mini-review (PDF file 5.98 MB) .