The OAE Review on
International Collaborations With An Educational Component


The resources focus mainly on two aspects of international collaborations and networking activities that could be crucial for educators. On one hand, examples of international projects especially intended for education and communication to the public. These normally promote teacher training, networking occasions and activities and resources to share. They could also provide ideas, sometimes funding, always motivation, and inspiration to teachers and kids everywhere. On the other hand, examples of international scientific big research projects that have a very interesting public part and educational component, which is of course very useful because it provides insights, data, ideas at the forefront of scientific research that are inspirational both for teachers and students. Huge networks of teachers and activities with different approaches are highlighted, some of them ""really international"", others more local; examples of how international projects could be adapted locally; examples of networks for producing and sharing resources and activities on non-traditional innovative science (gravitational waves, cosmic rays), resources, training, and tools to engage the students and the public at best.

Mini-review document

This review was the topic of a session at the 3rd Shaw-IAU Workshop. The proceedings from this session have been adapted into a mini-review (PDF file 4.86 MB) .