Big Ideas in Astronomy | Acknowledgements


Ismael Tereno (Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences), Pedro Figueira (European Southern Observatory), Sérgio Pereira (Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences), Monica Bobra (Stanford University), Piero Bienvenuti (Università di Padova) and Roy Bishop (Acadia University) for their comments to this version of the goals.

João Retrê acknowledges financial support from the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation through research grants IA2017-09-BGCT and UID/FIS/04434/2013.

Pedro Russo acknowledges support from the NAOJ Sokendai project "Astronomy Literacy" coordinated by Prof. Dr. Hidehiko Agata. NSF's NOIRLab is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), Inc. under cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation.

We would also like to acknowledge the community for their feedback on this document during the review process.

The Astronomy Literacy Goals is a project by Leiden Observatory, Leiden University (the Netherlands) and Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (Portugal) in the framework of the IAU Commission C1: Working Group on Literacy and Curriculum Development.

IAU Commission C1 Astronomy Education and Development: President: Paulo Bretones.

IAU C1 Working Group Astronomy Literacy and Curriculum Development: Chair: Robert Hollow.

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