Big Ideas in Astronomy | Translators


If you wish to translate the Big Ideas document to your native language, you can do so by using the original Adobe Indesign Source files which can be found at the bottom of this page.

We would like to keep track of every translation of the Big Ideas document, therefore, we kindly ask you to contact us if you are undertaking a translation of this document.

A Dynamic Document

It is important to emphasise that although this resource is intended for use by the astronomy, astronomy education and broader communities, is also evolves with their contributions. Furthermore, as astronomy progresses, this resource also evolves in order to keep the science updated and relevant for society. Owing to this, the Big Ideas in Astronomy is a dynamic document, and the translations will need updates over time.

All the updates of the document, and the differences between the previous/current versions will be available in the section below and will be communicated to the registered translators.

Resources for translators

Here you can download the latest version of the "Big Ideas in Astronomy" booklet and its design source files. You can also download here a document with the differences between the previous versions and the current one highlighted in red.