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Caption: This image represents the total solar eclipse as observed from Kurigram in Bangladesh. Solar eclipses occur when the moon, as seen from earth, passes in front of the Sun. The moon is much smaller than the Sun, it is closer by the night amount that the angular diameters of the Sun and moon are almost the same (~approximately 1/2 a fingertip). Therefore, the moon can cover up the Sun's disk when it passes directly between the Sun and the Earth. The ring of light around the black circle is called the corona.

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Credit: Lutfar Rahman Nirjhar Credit Link
Related glossary terms: Corona , Solar Eclipse , Total Solar Eclipse
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Caption: الصورة لكسوف الشمس الكلي كما تم رصده من كوريجرام في بنغلاديش. ويحدث كسوف الشمس عندما يمر القمر كما يرى من الأرض أمام الشمس.

وبالرغم من ان القمر أصغر بكثير من الشمس ، وهو أقرب بمقدار الليل بحيث ان ان الأقطار الزاوية للشمس والقمر متماثلة تقريبًا (حوالي 1/2 إصبع). لذلك ، يمكن للقمر أن يغطي قرص الشمس عندما يمر مباشرة بين الشمس والأرض. وتسمى حلقة الضوء حول الدائرة السوداء بالكورونا .
Credit: حقوق الصورة تخص لوتفار راهمان نيرجهار
Related glossary terms: Corona , Solar Eclipse , Total Solar Eclipse
Caption translation status: Approved by a reviewer
Caption translators: Somaya Saad
Caption reviewers: Ahmed Abulwfa

Caption: Questa immagine rappresenta l'eclissi totale di Sole osservata da Kurigram, in Bangladesh. Le eclissi solari si verificano quando la Luna, vista dalla Terra, passa davanti al Sole. La Luna è molto più piccola del Sole, ma è più vicina alla Terra, tanto che i diametri angolari del Sole e della Luna sono quasi uguali (circa metà dell'unghia di un dito). Pertanto, la Luna può coprire il disco del Sole quando passa direttamente tra il Sole e la Terra. L'anello di luce intorno al cerchio nero è definito corona.
Credit: Lutfar Rahman Nirjhar
Related glossary terms: Corona , Eclissi solare , Total Solar Eclipse
Caption translation status: Approved by a reviewer
Caption translators: Giuliana Giobbi
Caption reviewers: Rosa Valiante, Silvia Casu, Niccolò Bucciantini, Rodolfo Canestrari